Omega Light at Fuorisalone in Milan

Omega Light and two other big players in the domestic market participated in the Brazilian Furniture and Lighting Show, held by APEX-BRASIL, as one of the Fuorisalone attractions, during the Milan Design Week, that took place between the 5th and 10th of September.



The PEG System, created by architect Ricardo Fahl, who is responsible for Omega Light’s product development area, was chosen to represent Brazil at the show. The PEG System has received the highest design honor on the planet, the IF Design Awards, which since 1954 awards the world’s greatest designs; also winning the LIT Design Awards, the Design Award from Museu da Casa Brasileira, and the prestigious Brasil Design Awards.

Photo : Marcelo Kahn


The PEG System exhibition at Fuorisalone reaffirms Omega Light’s commitment to promote and internationalize Brazilian products. Even though understanding the competitiveness with several other countries, our national technologies and processes are highly advanced and contribute directly to the rise of the lighting industry, especially with such important support from APEX-BRASIL, Abilux, and the federal government.


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