Correlated Color Temperature

Correlated Color Temperature, or CCT, is the unit of measurement that tells us the color appearance of light. Through an experiment using a black body that as it was heated emitted energy with various wavelengths. Starting from a more orange tone as the temperature increased the color changed, going through white until it reached blue.

This color appearance can also be related to the times of day, which starts with a lower color temperature of red and orange tones, turning to a whiter and more neutral tone in the middle of the day, and returning to the initial condition by evening.

It can be said that warm light is considered to be around 2200 to 3000K, neutral white light around 4000K, and cool white light 5000K or more.

The choice of color temperature is directly linked to the desired ambience in the lighting project. We usually use the warmer color temperatures (2700 / 3000K) in spaces where we seek comfort and relaxation, such as houses, hotels, corporate living spaces, etc. While whiter lights provide more vibrant environments, aimed at productive and performance activities, such as offices, hospitals, schools, etc.

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