Floor flora

Inspired by the ephemeral beauty of the flower and the poetry of the haiku, Flora is born. Furf believes that poetry can flourish and illuminate at the same time, just like the flowers that bloom and beautify the world. Flora, a masterpiece sculpted in steel and aluminum, is born dimmable and reflects the delicacy of chrysanthemum petals. Its graceful form seems to capture the dance of flowers in the wind. Within it, an illuminated heart beats, emitting a soft and ethereal light.


This is an unprecedented partnership with Furf Design Studio.

Technical specifications

Type of use / Indoor

Composition / Steel and aluminum.

Finishing / Powder Coat

Observation / -

  Code Light source Power Beam angle Luminous flux Luminoues intendity CCT IRC Socket Service life Auxiliar equipament  
AJ.0068 LED module 3.2 W - 101 lm - 3000K >90 N/A 50,000h (25°C) Driver bivolt

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