Round ceiling lamp fixture, for indoor use with a simple and effective design. Features a sandblasted glass diffuser and microtextured paint finish.

Technical specifications

Type of use / Interno

Composition / aço tratado e pintado, difusor em vidro jateado.

Finishing / treated and painted steel, sandblasted glass diffuser.

  Code Light source Power Beam angle Luminous flux Luminoues intendity CCT IRC Socket Service life Auxiliar equipament  
SB.5298.2.23.E27 A60 LED Máx 40W n/a 564lm - 3000K >80 E27 25.000h (25°C) Tensão da lâmpada
SB.5299.3.23.E27 A60 LED Máx 40W n/a 1067lm - 3000K >80 E27 25.000h (25°C) Tensão da lâmpada

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