Industrial family, a reinterpretation of industrial lighting fixtures from the 1920s and 1930s in Brazil and United States. Developed for residential or commercial environments where a vintage language is sought.

Design: Rafael Leão.

Technical specifications

Type of use / Interno

Composition / machined and spun, treated and painted steel and cast aluminum, one and a half meter power cord covered in fabric, suspended by a steel cable.

Finishing / microtextured polyester powder coating.

Observation / component finishes always in silver and snow white reflector interior> Optional decorative grades.

  Code Light source Power Beam angle Luminous flux Luminoues intendity CCT IRC Socket Service life Auxiliar equipament  
AR.7202.1.60.E27 Vintage LED máx. 20W n/a - - - - E27 - n/a
AR.7203.1.20.E27 Vintage LED máx. 20W n/a - - - - E27 - n/a
AR.7204.1.20.E27 Vintage LED máx. 20W n/a - - - - E27 - n/a

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