Positive impacts
along the chain
+ 200

recycling cooperatives collect the plastic that would be destined to landfills or oceans

+ 400

tons of plastic are collected by the cooperatives and recycled annually

+ 4000

Leaf luminaires installed throughout Brazil so far

+ 8000

people impacted in this revolution to transform plastic waste into luminaries and other circular products

Since 2014, sustainability has become a value that is part of our business decisions, as important as innovation and design. We began to understand the importance of sustainable power of light. We implemented internal actions to engage our employees. We learned to create light fixtures from plastics that would otherwise be discarded in the trash. We started a great revolution in the Brazilian lighting segment.

O Boticário

Empty product packages were transformed into resin to manufacture 70% of the plastic structure of spotlight fixtures. The innovation replaced aluminum fixtures used until then in the brand's franchises.


Thousands of broken hangers were transformed into Leaf fixtures, with exceptional light quality and cutting-edge LED modules to illuminate the 2,290 square meters of the store at Shopping Morumbi, in São Paulo.

Fila BR

Several Fila stores in Brazil have received spotlights and linear systems made from post-process and post-consumer recycled plastic. The project marked the expansion of a revolution in the Brazilian lighting segment.


2014 — Less plastic. Elimination of 100% of disposable cups in our work environments. Since then, each employee receives their individual cup and training for the maintenance and cleaning of the utensil.

2015 — Selective collection. Development of the selective collection policy, so that the disposal of our solid and liquid waste causes the least possible impact on the environment.

2018 — Upcycling. Partnership with O Boticário chain to create a light fixture built from plastic from packaging discarded at the brand's collection points. The innovation was presented during the Led Forum.

2018 — UN Goals. Creation of the Omega Light Sustainability Committee to bring together employees and define actions for the development of new products, services and processes that are more sustainable and integrated with the 17 UN goals.

2020 — Circularity in practice Partnership with Boomera, a specialist in circular economy, for the development of Leaf resin, made from plastic collected by collectors' cooperatives. The technology is available to companies in other segments that also seek to reduce their consumption of plastic.

2021 — Quality Policy. Seeking a continuous improvement of our processes, we implemented the Quality Policy. Aiming to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, with a focus on service and lighting services; valuing the relationship with commitment and proximity, and innovating through sustainable technologies in our products, services and processes continuously improving, in addition to disseminating and inspiring the culture of lighting as a transforming agent, assisting in the professional development and organizational knowledge of our employees. Check out the full policy: https://bit.ly/3RknOzR

2022 — Omega RUN Starting the implementation of SDG 3 (health and well-being), we created an annual championship that was created to encourage and disseminate good habits and healthy practices to our employees. We believe that information and encouragement are actions that have the power to transform lives.

2022 - Precious PUX In 2013, Dave Hakkens began his plastic recycling journey by targeting a new destination for the material, which gave life to the Precious Plastic movement, a project that develops open source recycling machines, products and online platforms to empower anyone to start recycle plastic locally. We want to increase these numbers, so we are now an integral part of this movement, which enabled us to further engage our employees in the project’s sustainable theme. In 63 days of campaign, 237kg of bottle caps were removed from the environment with the correct destination defined: creation of the new autonomous luminaire by Omega Light. Follow the link and watch the project: https://bit.ly/3N5p5XD

2023 - Certified ISO 9001 The attainment of the ISO 9001 certificate is a significant milestone that validates the high-quality standards we uphold in our company. In our pursuit of excellence, we have always believed that quality goes beyond the products or services we offer. It involves every interaction, from the first contact to post-sales. This certificate is more than a seal on a document; it is a tangible symbol of our commitment to excellence in every facet of our business.

2024 - The eureciclo Seal The eureciclo Seal is not just a symbol but a declaration of our commitment to the planet. It represents our effort to minimize the environmental impacts of the paper and plastic packaging we use. Through eureciclo, we are actively contributing to the compensation and recycling of these materials.

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