Lights and Curiosities

Lights and Curiosities: Exploring the Linear Profile

Linear profiles are an excellent lighting option, offering versatile solutions that provide a modern and discreet finish. Applications range from coves to geometric installations.

Manufactured from extruded aluminum, they come in a natural finish or in colors from our palette. These profiles feature a diffuser made of extruded translucent PMMA acrylic. Primarily used with LED strips, they also offer the option of using rigid plates.




The available models include the Surface Mounted, 45° Surface Mount, and Recessed profiles, each catering to specific lighting and design needs.

These profiles can be used in various situations, such as various ceilings, coves, furniture, baseboards, with both direct and indirect lighting. They can be installed to enhance a space, illuminate objects on a shelf, highlight a decorated wall, or illuminate artwork. Additionally, they can be arranged in geometric patterns to create a different atmosphere.

L’Occitane – Architecture: Figoli-Ravecca Arquitetura / Photography: Massimo Failutti

The flexibility of the LED strip, combined with the profile finishes, provides a softening and control of light, making them ideal for furniture. This efficient lighting practice has been exemplified in projects such as the Emporium São Paulo Wine Cellar, where it highlighted featured products.

Wine Bar Emporium Architecture: Lilian Tedesco from the office Cossu + Tedesco / Photography: Luciano Ribeiro


With lengths ranging from 1 to 3 meters, the profiles can be connected in sequence to form straight lines or other creative shapes.

Explore the product specifications and discover the transformative potential of these versatile pieces. After all, lighting goes beyond just providing light; it’s a visual narrative that defines the essence of each environment.


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