Try out discover the new transforming power of light

We are happy to share with everyone our new space of experiences.

Omega LAB, as we named our showroom, was born with the idea of expanding imagination around lighting. What is lighting really? What results can certain flow and temperature bring in different environments? What is the real effect that light has on products, spaces and people? These and many other questions can be answered when experienced and this is what we brought to this space: Human experience.


Showroom Omega Light

Omega LAB – Showroom Omega Light


This new universe is an invitation for our customers, employees and partners to discover the various ways to see and experience the light. We propose how to understand, in its most real form, the desires and needs of each segment.

Check out some of the spaces explored in our showroom more closely:

Omega LAB is installed at our own headquarters, which extends the invitation to meet the backstage of the Omega Light group in person: our facilities, office, team and manufacturing space. An experience that allows us, from beginning to end, to understand why we do not sell luminaires but lighting.

Everyone is welcome to discover the new transforming power of light.

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