Lightovation 2024: Check out our illuminated debut

In partnership with Apex Brasil, Lux Brasil, and Abilux, our inaugural participation in Lightovation 2024, held from January 10 to 14 at the Dallas Market, Texas, was a success. This event marked not only the celebration of light, design, and innovation but also a significant chapter in our journey as we launched our products into the dynamic North American market.

Illuminated partnerships of 2024 at the Dallas Market Center.

Entering the North American market is an achievement that fills us with pride and gratitude. At Lightovation, we had the opportunity to showcase our products to a diverse audience, including visionary designers, industry professionals, and lighting enthusiasts.

Dallas’s Warm Reception

The Dallas Market provided an impressive backdrop for our debut. The city buzzed with energy, and the event corridors were filled with people eager to discover new trends and brands. The warm response we received only intensified our determination to deliver exceptionally high-quality products.

Lightovation was not just a stage to present our products but also a valuable source of inspiration. We immersed ourselves in the latest market trends, learned from industry leaders, and absorbed the unique vibe that permeated the event.

Shining Connections

One of the greatest rewards of our participation was the opportunity to forge meaningful connections. We engaged with experienced professionals, exchanged innovative ideas, and established promising partnerships that will drive our growth in the coming years.

As we leave behind Lightovation 2024, we carry not only unforgettable experiences but also the certainty that we are on the right path. The future is bright, and we can’t wait to continue the journey, illuminating lives and spaces with our products.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news as we progress on this illuminated journey.

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