LEDforum.23: natureza e poder

In its 14th edition, and for the first time with a preview of its exhibition area, the LEDforum took place from August 16 to 18, bringing the guiding theme of Context, proposing a comprehensive and conscious approach to light, illumination, architecture, and design, in relation to contextual issues such as territory, society, and time.

Once again, we marked our presence as official sponsors of the event, sharing many exciting moments and incredible innovations that characterized LEDforum.23, one of the most anticipated events in the lighting scene. This year’s edition was even more special as we launched 3 new luminaires that bring together the perfect combination of design and functionality. In the LEDforum.23 auditorium, the Atmo Pendant luminaire took the center stage. More than just a simple source of light, the Atmo Pendant is a true masterpiece that combines stunning aesthetics with impeccable functionality. The auditorium also shone with our tiwb projector, combining dynamic lighting, vivid colors, and precise control, transforming the space into a scenic setting, harmoniously adapting to different moments and needs. Additionally, our activation with the #BarOmega at the highly anticipated #LightingLovers, the party that marked the end of the event, did not disappoint.

Innovation in Lighting: Introducing Lis, Flora, and Edge

One of the standout moments of our participation in the event was undoubtedly the unveiling of our new luminaires, reinforcing our ongoing commitment to innovation and quality. The booth attracted thoughtful and passionate looks from lighting enthusiasts, introducing three products:

Lis: This new pendant was designed to capture the essence of the power of nature and convey it through warm and welcoming light. The luminaire’s shape was inspired by the gentle curves of natural landscapes and the forces of nature that shape the world. When illuminated, it emits a soft light reminiscent of the golden rays of the setting sun, bringing a sense of peace and connection with nature to any environment.

lis pendente com e sem anteparo

Flora: In an unprecedented partnership with Furf Design Studio, inspired by the ephemeral beauty of flowers and the poetry of haiku, Flora is born. We believe that poetry can bloom and illuminate simultaneously, just like the flowers that bloom and beautify the world. Flora, a masterpiece sculpted in steel and aluminum, is born dimmable and reflects the delicacy of chrysanthemum petals. Its graceful shape has the power to bloom in various settings, from hotels and restaurants to residences and corporate spaces. Within it, an illuminated heart beats, emitting a soft and ethereal light.


Edge: With curved edges, the luminaire presents an elegant and sophisticated design, perfect for adding a touch of style and refinement to any space. It features an integrated driver within the fixture itself, eliminating the need for external components, providing a cleaner, more modern, and minimalist appearance. This solution also allows for a simpler and more practical installation, without compromising the ensemble’s elegance.


LightingLovers: The unforgettable night

To close LEDforum.23 the way we like, we inaugurated the 2023 #BarOmega at #LightingLovers, the closing party that brought together lighting enthusiasts from the entire event. We had the honor to once again sponsor the Bar, serving special drinks and fostering moments of relaxation and connection among participants.

In summary, LEDforum.23 was a true milestone for the lighting universe, and we made sure to make each moment even more inspiring. We dedicated ourselves not only to showcasing the best we’ve seen from around the world to the market but also to creating memorable experiences for lighting enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for our upcoming news and exciting developments in the lighting scene. Until the next LEDforum! (We already miss it 🎔)


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